Variable printing

As numbering and ticket printing address, is called the variable print "one by one, to be printed by replacing the contents of" the. Other text, photos, illustrations, variable printing our, corresponding to various bar code or graph. Was customize the content for each user or "variable catalog" and "birthday card DM", individual print items will also be strong support.
[Example] address, tickets, diplomas, diplomas, certificate, student card, and membership card
 Print address
N It corresponds to a single plane postcard, also 2 envelope corner.
 Ticket printing
N Variable printing at a plurality of locations, such as seat ticket. You can print to suit your design type and color of the typeface.
 Testimonial, diploma, certificate
N In addition to the name, date, title, logo or photo can also be replaced.
 Customizing DM
N You can deliver by varying the user like each, such as the name, photographs, name of the person in charge.

Print mailing of postcards, envelopes

Ticket numbering

Variable print the text and name of the testimonial

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Main products and offered commercial materials, etc.
Summer greeting (in a variety of merchandise) variable printing from one part, greeting cards, direct mail, ticket numbering, coupon addition to the image variable from place names.