At K-Print, we have binding facilities on the second floor of our printing plant. This enables us to seamlessly start post-processing of items after they are printed. Our delivery department is also located on the same floor, so items can be delivered as soon as they are processed and inspected. K-Print specializes in small lots and ultra fast delivery.
 Since UV offset printing and on-demand printing does not need drying, post-processing including binding, cutting, and touching up can be immediately performed on printed materials.
 Supported post-processing
N Saddle stitch binding, perfect binding, trimming, half-folding, tri-folding, Z-folding, quad-folding, cross folding, DM folding, gate folding, double hole punching, binder hole punching, perforating, creasing, and banding.
 Processing devices
N One saddle stitcher, one case binder, three cutters, three folders, one perforator, one folder, one PP processor

High speed binding equipment

Beautiful products require a well organized plant

Production line that specializes in speedy processing for quick delivery

Main products and offered commercial materials, etc.
K-Print offers all kinds of binding and processing including saddle stitched catalogs, pamphlets, company brochures, booklets, perfect bound writings, reports, and texts, half-folded and tri-folded insertions, gate folded leaflets, perforated tickets, PP processed membership cards, and entrance cards.