“Would it be possible to utilizing our knowledge cultivated from our “Small-Lot Express Color Printing Delivery” in packaging, display, and POP work? And can we do this fast, inexpensively and with high quality for extremely small lots, from one or more copies?” With these simple yet difficult goals, we started a specialized studio 11 years ago. Currently we produce campaign packaging and store displays, etc. for confectionary companies.
 Professional proposals of the optimal package designs for products. Leave everything from the design process to K-Print.
N We offer proposals for the design, shape, paper, and processing that can make your products stand out. Let one of our experienced professional designers do the work.
 We offer design proposals for POPs and store displays, etc. in addition to packaging.
N K-Print offers the design and production of tools for exhibitions, POP, life-size displays, large size displays, and top boards, all from a single lot.
N We can handle ultra small lots of one or more for three dimensional displays, which have been difficult to produce in small numbers in the past.
N This enables customers to provide dummies used in presentation that are close to the real thing.
 Urgent projects can be checked online in 3D
N In addition to providing sample dummies of items printed with a picture that resembles the real thing, for urgent projects, our customers can check a 3D mockup of PDF data sent via e-mail that can be rotated using the mouse. This data can also be sent from the customer to their client, enabling the end-user to confirm the same contents.

Life size POP (165 cm high in the photo)

Guitar and shamisen all made from paper

A 3D mockup can be checked by rotating the PDF data with the mouse.

DraftBoard/Artios CADDraftBoard/Artios CAD


Mimaki CF-0912Mimaki CF-1218-2


Main products and offered commercial materials, etc.
Ask us about the production of various three dimensional objects from a single lot, including packaging, life size POP, store POP, store displays, large panels, event displays, exhibition booth items, three dimensional DM, mockups for presentations, and dummies.