Offset Color Printing

K-Print has a production line specialized for small-lot printing in response to the needs of customers, including offset printing, which is the most common commercial printing technology. We support spot color printing of strict corporate colors, and special printing such as printing on thick or thin paper and pseudo-embossing. We can meet various customer needs.
 Industry Shortest Same-day delivery※
N Support for various types of printed materials including pseudo embossed or varnished materials and printing on thin paper, etc. Since we have many devices equipped with UV, we can produce high quality printed materials that quickly dry. Since our printed materials dry quickly, they can be immediately post-processed, which means faster delivery times.
*Limited to customers registered with our company. *A reservation must be placed in advance. Please enquire for details.
 Worry-free pre-press environment that supports the latest Windows data
N In addition to Macintosh DTP applications, we have a dedicated conversion system for Windows applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint.
N Support for high precision FM screening for a photorealistic finish.
N Speeds of 41 plates an hour for quick delivery to customers.
N Silver digital plates with advanced halftone formation for a beautiful finish with solid shapes, plain gradients, and images.

Waterproof aesthetic programs using Yupo paper (synthetic paper)

Wall calendars using thin paper

Covers using pseudo embossing





KODAK Trendsetter400II KODAK Trendsetter400II

Main products and offered commercial materials, etc.
In addition to regular commercial printed materials such as flyers, pamphlets, and posters, K-Print offers quick delivery of special printing such as spot color printing of strict corporate colors, thick paper packaging, thin paper wall calendars, tracing paper printing, posters using Yupo paper, and clear file printing.