Insertion/Sealing/Bulk Sorting/Delivery/Posting

Insertion work after printing such as for direct mailing does not require handling by third-party outsourcers. We perform everything from insertion and sealing to delivery and posting at our company. We can also provide our customers with advice on reducing delivery costs. You can leave everything to us.
 Insertion and sealing of standard size Yonaga 3 envelopes
N A4 size materials can be inserted and sealed following four types of folding.
 Digital on-demand devices for printing addresses and bulk sorting
N Since data is processed before printing addresses, bulk sorting is completed at express speeds. This process also utilizes the know-how unique to K-Print.
 Privacy Mark compliance for excellent security
N All work including data processing, address printing, insertion/sealing, and delivery is completed on the same floor. Departments that handle personal information work with password authentication and a customized network environment, for security and peace of mind.