Digital On-demand Printing

Ten years ago, K-Print adopted digital printing, which has recently become common. The technology was adopted in the days when it was not yet popular, conducted various tests and research, and continually reviewed the work flows and quality in order to handle strict requirements from customers in actual work. The quality of on-demand printing at K-Print is exceptional due to a combination of listening to our customers, having professional operators and cutting edge machines.
 Matte toner adopted
N The on-demand printing of K-Print has adopted matte toner, which minimizes gloss. This provides a better quality finish than conventional toner.
 Support for special paper and heavy paper with sizes up to 364 mm x 660 mm
N We have adopted the iGen4 from Xerox. This enables us to support the B3 size, which is the same as ads seen in trains, and A4 three-page spreads with tri-folding.
N Printing of specialized paper and thick paper, which is difficult to accommodate with regular on-demand machines, was actualized.
 Photos and illustrations can be replaced in addition to names and addresses for increased impact
N In addition to the regular variable printing of addresses, numbering, and inserting names, K-Print offers variable printing of photos and illustrations, and can also link with Adobe Photoshop to provide variable image printing that blends replacement text with images.
 Multiple page printing of color and black-and-white data
N Data with multiple pages created in a Windows program such as Word, Excel, or PowerPoint can be printed with matte toner for a non-glossy and natural finish. *When submitting Office data, a customer proofreading check is required.

A4 size tri-folded leaflet

On-demand A4 clear file

A clear file with initials printed in the shape of a rabbit (1000 variable areas)

Xerox iGen4Xerox iGen4

Xerox Color 800PressXerox Color 800Press

Xerox 4112 Light PublisherXerox 4112 Light Publisher

Main products and offered commercial materials, etc.
K-Print offers a wide variety of small-lot printing including ultra small lots of flyers, tri-folded A4 pamphlets, B3 posters, image variable printing of names and addresses (from one lot), small lot packages, same-day printing of A4 clear files (from one lot), same-day POP printing of triangular stands (from a single stand), same-day printing of rounded POP and speech balloons (from a single item), and printing of booklets and reports created in Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, etc.